Culinary Section | How I Went Paleo And Finally Started Eating Healthy Inspired Meals

Culinary Section | How I Went Paleo And Finally Started Eating Healthy Inspired Meals

How I Went Paleo/Plant-Based And Finally Started Eating Healthy Inspired Meals And Why I Stopped Consuming Sugar and Yeast.


To satisfying my carb/Sweets cravings
There are a few reasons why I decided to stop consuming yeast and sugar. The first reason is that I wanted to improve my overall health. I knew that consuming too much sugar and yeast could lead to health problems such as obesity, type II diabetes, and Candida overgrowth. The second reason is that I wanted to avoid the sugar highs and crashes that come with consuming too much sugar. I knew that by avoiding yeast and sugar, I would be able to keep my energy levels more stable throughout the day. The third reason is that I wanted to find an alternative way to satisfy my carb and sweets cravings. I knew that there were healthier options out there that would not have the same negative effects on my body as sugar and yeast.

Here My List:

Breakfast Ideas

Quick & Healthy Paleo Breakfast Ideas That Will Make Your Mornings Awesome 

Not supposed to have it but it is my "best" "healthy" "Cereal"
Harvest Crunch original

Harvest Crunch original 



Snack Ideas

Delectable Paleo Snacks That Will Make You Forget You’re On A Diet 





 I Tried this recipe and added a "lil twist" decided to dub them SpaceBalls. (Goes well with a glass of almond milk)

1st Batch
-Taste: The taste was good.
-Texture: Easy to digest. Cannabis not strong. Undetectable
-Smell:  Smells like chocolate

2nd Batch
-Taste: Can taste cannabis but not unpleasant, doesn’t have after taste. 
-Texture: Blended into batter, Cannabis not strong. Easy to digest.

-Smell:  smells like chocolate


Main Dishes

Paleo-Inspired Main Dish Recipes For A Healthy And Delicious Meal 



chicken Plantain and KYL Sauce wawastylePlaintain & Chicken with KML Sauce From Wawastyle Group Inc



Cauliflower Rice mixed with Spinach with my #buildlife water bottle.

Desserts Ideas

Delicious Paleo Desserts That Will tantalize Your Taste buds







 I'm so glad I made the switch to a Paleo/Keto/Plant-Based Lifestyle. I finally feel like I'm eating healthy, nutrient-rich meals that make me feel good. And I'm no longer putting sugar and yeast into my body. If you're thinking of making a similar switch, I encourage you to do it! Like, follow, and comment below for more tips and inspiration.

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