On my blog, Here I share what it is i see and do. As this blog grow, you'll get a peak at the inside of head of the creator who is simply not only about FITness.

Let's Begin!

I’m A Jack Of All Trade.

I’ll write and share what i do during the day and what motivates me. Be sure to view the motivational wall and quotes.

Possible Employment 

-Michael Jackson
-Bob the builder
-Red Ranger
-Basketball Player

Picked I.T as a background. 

Started Using Shopify to learn on how to operate a business online (E-Commerce). Shopify has amazing resources. Check out their blog.

Other Interest

I Love Music Haitian Music so much i made this MFG(Made For Greatness) Haitian Playlist  - Updated 24/7

My Journey

Always wanted to be rich, wealthy, have a lot of money and do whatever i wanted. Understood i had to abide by the rules to stay out of prison or not end up too early in the grave. 

My poor dad once told me working at a fast food job is a poor man's work (didnt quite understand what he meant by that ...But I do now) so i never applied. So i set myself a goal list of things 

Always wanted long hair. So I grew dreads. It proved to Me that i’m able to change if i REALLY want to.  See the growth below and Products I Use.

To be "Healthy", I had to change my mindset in order to change the way I eat. See Culinary Section

When I can't go to gym because i didn't have time, mode of transportation or due to bad weather. I do a home workout. Youtube channels I follow to keep in shape all in the comfort of my living room are the following: Subscribe and Follow to support their hard work

CT Fletcher Motivation
Peaceful Sounds
Doctor Mike Diamonds
Graeme Maher
Keith Moore Jr.
Goku Pump

Some of my favourite games

Note: There are affiliate links in the link given above and if you buy something, I’ll get a commission at no extra cost to you.

Hasbro Gaming The Game of Life Game, Family Board Game for 2-4 Players, Indoor Game for Kids Ages 8 and Up, Pegs Come in 6 Colors

Hasbro Gaming Pay Day Game 


Hasbro Gaming Pay Day Game Monopoly Game, Family Board Game for 2 to 6 Players, Monopoly Board Game for Kids Ages 8 and Up, Includes Fan Vote Community Chest Cards, English and French Bilingual Version


2014 -  Going to the gym but still eating what "I Wanted"

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2018 - Better Consistency | Doing 67 Day challenge with my wife

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[More To Come]


[More To Come]


[More To Come]


Supplements I take along my workouts

Here's My Pre-Workout. - Vega Sport Sugar Free Pre-Workout Energizer, Lemon Lime (40 Servings) Vegan Preworkout Energy Powder, Gluten Free, 100mg Caffeine, Non GMO, 136g

Here's My Protein. - Vega sport protein
I Normally go for Vanilla but Decided to try Peanut Butter Flavour.

Vega Sport Protein

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My wife got me this big ass Water Bottle to keep my ass in check! Click Here to get one too. 

Products - All Links redirect directly to amazon - Shop Now!

BuildLife 1 Gallon Water Bottle with Straw & Motivational Time Marker Large BPA Free Wide Mouth with Handle Reusable Leakproof to Drink More Water Daily

Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day Hardcover By Jay Shetty



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Managing Stock Up: Building Wealth

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Heard a comedian say that our emotions is tied to our money LOL

Wall Street Cheat Sheet Psychology of a Market Cycle



Started Video Editing! See work below.



Worked at Ideal Roofing

Worked for Uber Eats

Worked for a Customer Service Company

Worked at Amazon and Met an Amazing Comic Book Writer Yan and he created an amazing Webcomics Called Joe Flamingo   


Apparently I have High blood pressure (hypertension)



Jan 21 2023 - 1st MITCH'S FITGEAR photoshoot with Tricky's Lens - Check Out FITGEAR STORIES To see how it went.




Here's what i've been up to lately


launched www.stockupbuildingwealth.com

invested in startups

Joined Frever!

Joined Amazon's affiliate program

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